Personal Life Update - 23-06-2022

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Just a short personal projects & general life update now that summer has started and I am much more active again.

πŸ“’ Personal Life

Now that I am finished exams and school, I’m just waiting to find out what uni I’ll end up going to. I am currently employed as an IT Assistant in the education sector, working on organizing and writing custom modules for a student information system. I have also been spending much more time working on learning new skill and putting hours into my personal projects.

🦺 Projects

I have been working a lot more on projects now and learning more skills. I am still working on building a custom Pomodoro Timer and a custom VPN service provider that makes use of a transparent proxy to route all traffic, ssl & openvpn through port HTTPS 443. Making it much harder to block on most firewalls without employing deep packet inspection. I am also looking to learn more about electronics, circuit design, prototyping and pcb design / manufacture, with the eventual hope of creating a custom usb-c macro pad with 6 keys and 2 rotary encoders.